Rebuilding the Ruins

You sit among the ruins
of a past you wish would die,
a past you tried to bury
under sky-scraping idols
you thought were made of steel.
But they all toppled,
they all fell down,
until everything you knew
was reduced to rubble.
You wail against this devastation
of your deepest dreams,
as the ancient serpent slithers around you
and tempts you to believe
that it is God
who has abandoned you
to this wasteland,
that He was the one
who condemned you
to this darkness,
this lifeless living.
But He has never forgotten you.
He calls you by name…
And in your tortured soul
stirs a Hope, a longing to be free
from this wreckage
where the serpent reigns,
where you are bound
to your broken past.
You cry out
to the One
who has always loved you,
your Redeemer, Yeshua,
who died so that you might live.
He calls you into His light,
and with His steadfast love
breaks your chains,
and rebuilds your ruins
with the precious stones
of His kingdom.

Breaking Free, a painting by Judy Gilbert


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  1. Uplifting poem that invokes hope from the depth of the
    wasteland. Great deal of emotion in your lines. Nice One

  2. Hope, salvation – a lot of good message and bright light in
    this one. The religious essence of it is well struck with the
    biblical feel and reference of the piece at large. Thanks for
    sharing with One Shot!

  3. We build with the strongest thing we knoew – steel — only
    to discover that it will eventually rust and collapse. there is
    really only one sound construction material – and you name it here.
    Well done.

  4. Ah yes, He IS always there.. in the midst of all
    circumstance, when we are blind, yet He reigns.


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