Awakening Romance: Light and Water

A night of cool reflection
brings the Lake of Hokkaido once again
to this moment
of patient anticipation
when the gallant Sun
pulls himself slowly
over her mountains
and with quiet knowing
of the places that need gentle awakening,
touches her lightly,
first here,
then there,
until he sees
the pale pink blush
and tremulous ripples
that encourage him to climb higher
and peer into her more deeply,
pulling from her inviting blackness
shades of indigo, orange, and gold.
She loves the warmth of him
that penetrates beyond her reflection
and moves her to sing again
of the heights of mountains,
the whisperings of trees,
the secrets of limitless sky
She loves his light
that moves her to reflection
and deepens the peace
of her darkness.
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  1. Lynne H

     /  January 13, 2011

    This is simply put, beautiful. Every now and then we stumble upon a soft, well written poem and this is one of those.
    So amny great lines to draw the reader into this luch, intimate natural world.
    well done!!

    (thank you for reading my poem and Suzanne Vega, Yes, I can see (or hear)that similarity)

  2. Soft, intimate and beautiful. Happy Valentines Day to you Karla!

  3. VERY sexy stuff, here. NICE!


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