Epiphany: Light and Water

At mid-day,
while the wildish wind hums
and the trees keep slow swaying time,
the Sun likes singing
an intense, but gentle song
to the Lake of Hokkaido;
for she listens with deep appreciation,
absorbing his vibrant yellow tones
as they call forth
the deepest green of trees,
the most brilliant blue of sky,
the warmest glow of gold,
until she is filled
with warm, clear light.
Then, glowing with gold,
resplendent with green,
radiant with blue,
she proudly reveals
her bottom of mud and stone,
her shape,
her depth,
in a tranquil, undulating song
that tells of her joy
at finally being known.
And in this duet
of peaceful,
passionate resonance,
Light and Water
find themselves more splendid
in each other.
This poem was written for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry–Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet.  To read more poets and submit your own work, connect here: http://oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com/2011/01/one-shot-wednesday-week-28.html
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  1. this is exquisite writing. it’s rare that i find such beautiful poetry, friend. i hope you’ll consider linking up with imperfect prose on thursdays sometime. peace to you.

  2. You describe a delicate balance to nature in many aspects. Always a worthwhile moment when pausing to feel such awe. Nice use of sensory language.

  3. lovely blog,
    amazing poetry.

    come join poets rally week 37 if you wish….

    Happy 2011.

  4. lovely write on the beauty of light and water…bkm

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  7. Nice, solid nature work.

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