Verses on the Love of God–Week 1

I have recently started a devotional practice where I collect a group of verses on a particular topic and read, meditate and pray over those verses each day. Some days, I make it through the whole group of verses. Other days, one verse or passage may be the focus of my meditations and prayers. I find this practice particularly helpful in the renewal of my mind.

The topic that I have chosen for this week is The Love of God. The verses and passages I am using for devotional time are below:

Exodus 34:6-7

Psalm 5:7

Psalm 23

Psalm 31:7, 16

Psalm 33:5, 22

Psalm 36:7-10

If you decide to read these passages as well, I would love to hear about what God has revealed to your heart in your quiet time with Him.

Peace be with you.

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  1. i am about to run out the door…but, since your post is on renewal …you can join in on a blog carnival on the word renewal and link up this post…here:

    mine is number 7. on the mr. linky list

  2. oh… i see it is not mr. linky but it is actually simply linked.


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