April PAD Prompt Day 4: Type of Person

The Religious Narcissist
Because he has been chosen from among men
to be favored by God
he knows he is infallible.
God speaks directly into his ear,
so do not question when he
contradicts, blasphemes,
adulterates, manipulates Scripture
because he has been chosen from among men
to be favored by God
his choices might destroy families,
pull houses to the ground,
set towns ablaze,
bring his child to her knees–
but he feels no call to answer
the plea in his daughter’s eyes
that beg him to come back down to earth
for just one moment and affirm her
because he has been chosen from among men
to be favored by God.

Poem Share: Margaret Atwood

For Day 2 of National Poetry Month, one of my all-time favorite poems by one of my all-time favorite poets, Margaret Atwood. I love this poem because it sets you up to think one way–nice, warm, and fuzzy–then it jars you into a completely opposite perspective. If only I could use such few words in such a powerful way!

You Fit Into Me by Margaret Atwood

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye


Once belief is broken,
promises become lies
and idols are toppled,
revealed as scraps of wood
whose worthlessness cries out
to be worshiped,
not loved.
This poem was written in response to a poetry prompt from Robert Lee Brewer at http://blog.writersdigest.com/poeticasides/CategoryView,category,PoetryPrompts.aspx

Last Chance

Memories in boxes
stored in strangers’ houses,
necessities packed,
checked into this flight home
from our poverty of means
to face our challenges.
One more step ’til I am gone,
one last chance for you to say you love me…
in silence, you let me go

An Opening

like Spring softly
comes slowly you warmly
come silently to touch me,
with soft-rain kisses
opening slowly flowers,
with a sunlight dream
opening silently my soul
bursts soft colors warm beneath you.
now Winter is long just a memory,

Solitary Confinement

Your brutal silence envelops me
like a shroud,
a tailor-made prison,
ever shrinking,
constricting my soul.

I long to rise from this dead place;
I want to plead for my life.
But fear of your words
stabbing me to
a quicker death,
keep me frozen.

Your silence is a wall I cannot see through,
and one I am afraid to break down.
So once again I offer myself
on the altar of reconciliation,
allow misconceptions of me
to be truths,
and submit once more
to this death
to which you have condemned me.